Eve Single S-line

The EVE Single S-line is especially designed for home-use and offers all the benefits of Smart charging at an affordable price. 

This device is perfectly suitable for home-use and offers all the benefits of Smart charging at an affordable price. This 3.7kW - 11kW charging station is designed in a compact polycarbonate housing, making it a lightweight and durable charging device. The charging station can be mounted onto the wall, as well as onto a column. When provided with a fixed cable, the EVE Single S-line is delivered with an integrated plug holder. The charging station is designed for a residential environment and therefore offers a Plug & Charge principle. This comes with LED status indicators to display the charging status. 


Since this charging station is designed for home-use, it offers a straightforward Plug & Charge principle making it very user-friendly. Users can consult and monitor their charging data with any internet-connected device. The maximum charging power can be increased up to 11kW, which allows for faster charging. It’s also possible to set up an authorisation process for users which goes along with a mobile network connection to a backend platform (Ethernet connection is also possible). 

Discover its benefits

Top quality

This Alfen product is highly reliable, safe and robust. Like all Alfen products, they are produced in The Netherlands and are solely made of A-quality components. These charging stations also go through rigorous testing to obtain their certifications. The Alfen solutions are also under standard warranty and you may choose to broaden your possibilities with various service packages within an SLA.

Free choice of management system

The EVE Single S-line can be used in combination with Alfen’s own management system, but also with any other system that implements OCPP. This allows the system to record the energy consumption, transaction history and diagnostic data of the charging station. Even system upgrades of the device can be done from distance. 

Smart functions at an affordable price

This charging station is a Smart product that’s continuously connected to the internet. It communicates with, and receives commands from other Smart solutions that are based on open standards and protocols.

Designed for your Smart home

The EVE Single Pro-line, as well as all other Alfen models, are designed for optimisation of your local electrical network. They can not only integrate and collaborate with renewable energy sources and storage, but also with Smart technologies and solutions that maintain the same standards and open protocols. 

A Smart, compact and affordable charging station for home-use.

A very user-friendly charging device with a compact design that’s perfectly suitable for use at home. Moreover, if you wish to shorten the charging time of your device, you can choose a tri-phase installation of the charging station. The maximum charging power then increases to 11kW, which allows you to charge your car considerably quicker.

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