Calculator: calculate the charging time of your EV

Want an easy way to calculate how long it takes to charge your electric car?
Then use our charging time calculator 👇

With this calculator, it is possible to get an indication of approximately how long it will take to fully charge your electric car (0 - 100%). It is important to note that this tool only gives an indication of how fast an electric car can be charged. Real charging times may still vary slightly.

How do you calculate the charging time of an electric vehicle?

To know the charging time of your EV, apply a very simple calculation. You take the battery capacity of your EV and divide it by the Kilowatt of the charging station.

So if your EV has a battery capacity of 50 kWh and you have a charging station that can charge 11 kW the calculation looks like this:

50 kWh / 11 kW = 4.5 hours

Difference between AC and DC charging

How fast your electric car or plug-in hybrid can charge depends on the power of the charging station you use. Usually the power is indicated by the number of kW e.g. 11kW or 22kW. But you can also describe this in another way: AC and DC. These are common terms used with charging stations. It describes the way power is fed to the electric car. Clickhere for more info on the difference between AC and DC charging.