Why invest in charging infrastructure? For most companies this isn’t their core activity. To facilitate a smooth transition to electric mobility, with a low threshold, Pluginvest launched its unique Charging-as-a-Service formula in 2017. 

Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) is Pluginvest's innovative renting formula that enables the leasing of charging infrastructure for electric cars. At a time when the transition to sustainable mobility is in full swing, the demand for efficient and accessible charging solutions has grown exponentially. With Charging-as-a-Service, your company can now easily and flexibly lease charging infrastructure. For companies that want to provide their employees and customers with charging options, CaaS offers a tailor-made solution that fits your specific needs perfectly.

finance charging stations

You can finance all charging stations in Pluginvest's offering with CaaS.

Flexible solution

After the lease period, you can choose to pay a commutation fee. Or the charging infrastructure will simply be reclaimed  by us.

Future-proof charging

The ability to expand or downsize  your charging network, with future-proof charging devices.

Rent a charging solution

With this monthly renting formula, we offer you a completely care-free solution that makes it easy to increase (or decrease**) the amount of charging stations on your parking lot or at your employees’ homes as your electric Fleet grows (or shrinks**). This ensures that you’ll always receive the newest technology and that your infrastructure stays up to date at all times in this ever-evolving market.

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A leasing formula is inherently more accessible and approachable for many companies. In addition, CaaS offers the flexibility to allow your company's charging network to grow or shrink with the fleet.

For this, you need to have a valid VAT number. There will also be a financial check to verify the health of the company. If everything turns out to be in order, you can enjoy the benefits of CaaS.

Yes, you can finance all charging stations in Pluginvest's offering with CaaS. However, it is important to note that the predetermined interest rate depends on the investment one makes and this can depend on charging station to charging station.

After the leasing period, you can choose to pay a surrender charge of 16% of the original investment amount. After paying the buyout sum, you are the rightful owner of the charging infrastructure. If you do not wish to pay the commutation sum, the charging infrastructure will be taken over again by Pluginvest.

For Charging-as-a-service, fixed leasing periods are applied. The contract duration of these is either 48 months or 60 months. So that works out to 3 or 5 years.