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Even today, businesses with a small or large parking lot still struggle with the switch to electric mobility. Pluginvest supports these businesses in this transition with various products and services. Aside from the installation and maintenance of the charging stations, we go the extra mile by providing correct and independent advice and an elaborate customer-specific approach.

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A charging station allows you to charge up to 10x faster compared to an ordinary socket. Moreover, the additional safety components in Pluginvest's charging stations ensure that charging is always safe and that even the standard leakage circuit breakers in your home (differential) continue to work correctly.

A charging station also offers the possibility of measuring your energy consumption separately and possibly passing it on to your employer. Pluginvest's smart charging stations can also control the power of charging according to the consumption of your home or production of your solar panels. None of this is possible via an ordinary socket. Frequent use of this type of charger is therefore discouraged by most car manufacturers and in international standards.

Despite high electricity and oil prices, electric cars are still cheaper to 'fill up' than their traditional counterparts. Electricity rates in Belgium vary widely from one location to another. Private individuals pay around €0.26/kWh. Companies with a medium-voltage connection pay approx. €0.12/kWh. Public charging stations charge an average rate of €0.40/kWh.

Let's take an example of an electric car with an empty battery and 12 kWh of power. In most cases, this car will be able to drive between 60 and 80 km on a single charge. In this case, charging at home will cost 12 x 0.26 = €3.12. This means that the power consumption per km is only €0.03 to €0.04. At companies it will be (a lot) cheaper, public charging is more expensive.

The electric mobility market consists of several parties. There is the Charge Point Operator (CPO) and the Mobility Service Provider (MSP). The CPO takes care of supplying, installing and maintaining the charge points. The MSP sells mobility products and services via the charging card or token. In most cases, this is a subscription to charging, the corresponding charging card and/or app and payment for your charging sessions.

Pluginvest operates both as a CPO and MSP.

At Pluginvest, charging tariffs are always determined by the owner or customer of the charging station. The customer determines these in function of his own electricity tariff, the market prices for semi-public or public charging and his investment in the charging infrastructure. You have a free choice in this as a customer. Pluginvest does recommend keeping these tariffs low in order to accelerate the transition to electric mobility and offer as many people as possible the opportunity to come and charge with you. The market price for semi-public charging averages €0.40/kWh (incl VAT).


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Uw Dynamic Snippet wordt hier weergegeven ... Dit bericht wordt weergegeven omdat u niet zowel een filter als een sjabloon hebt opgegeven om te gebruiken.

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