Aside from our charging solutions at home or at work, we also offer the necessary services to charge your electric car at public charging stations. Our Charge Badge / Pass is connected to a wide-spread European charge network, consisting of more than 450.000 public charging stations.

The benefits of Charge @ Public

Get access to the European charging network.


Quick delivery

You can request your personal Charge Badge here and it will arrive by mail within a couple of business days.

Just one badge

We centralise the billing of all CPO’s and MSP’s for you, on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to carry around multiple badges for the various providers.

No hidden costs

Transparent costs with a fixed monthly fee of €3.75/month (excl VAT) and a one-off start-up cost of €5.00.

Handy platform

With our online platform or our mobile App you will always find the charging station closest to you. On long trips, you’ll also be able to determine the best route easily with our platform or App, with regards to the locations of charging stations on the way.

The Pluginvest online platform

With our handy platform, you’ll be able to find charging stations that are not in use instantly, right on the map. It’s also a great tool when you’re planning a long trip, so that you’ll never be submitted to the stresses of not finding a charging station near you.

Get access to our tool on your browser or download our mobile App on iOS or Android.

Download our Charge Station App here:

Or view the map in your browser 
here .

For more information on the use of the charge pass (card or badge), please visit our technical help page.