In addition to our home charging stations and charging stations at work, we also offer a convenient charge pass that allows you to charge across Europe. So you can always be sure you can charge your electric car wherever you are.

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Benefits of a charge pass

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Recharge anywhere

With the charge pass, you can charge at 450,000 public charging points across Europe. So you can always be sure of a charged EV! 

Just one badge

We centralise the billing of all CPO’s and MSP’s for you, on a monthly basis, so you don’t have to carry around multiple badges for the various providers.

No hidden costs

Transparent costs with a fixed monthly fee of €3.75/month (excl VAT) and a one-off start-up cost of €5.00.

Badge or card

Our charge pass  is available in two variants: a handy badge or a classic card. The choice is yours!

Our online platform

With our handy platform, you’ll be able to find charging stations that are not in use instantly, right on the map. It’s also a great tool when you’re planning a long trip, so that you’ll never be submitted to the stresses of not finding a charging station near you.

Get access to our tool on your browser or download our mobile app on iOS or Android.

Download the Chargepoint App here:

Or view the map in your browser 
here .

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