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Pluginvest supports companies in their transition to sustainable mobility. We offer various charging solutions for companies and individuals. Through our offer of charging stations with accompanying services, we relieve companies of this decision.
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Pluginvest is an innovative charging station company located in the heart of Antwerp. Pluginvest was founded in 2016 by Sander Hereijgers and Cedric De Jonghe, two experts from the alternative energy sector who joined forces to offer charging infrastructure in a low-threshold manner on the Belgian market.  Besides some Business Angels, Colruyt Group and the Cardoen family also invested in Pluginvest in 2022.

Together, Sander and Cedric aim to help companies, governments and individuals in their transition to electric mobility. They do this with a view to a long-term relationship in which the customer is completely unburdened of the installation of extensive charging infrastructure. Pluginvest's driven team ensures that you always have a single point of contact for all your questions and that you are helped quickly.


Through innovative, high-tech solutions (such as AC and DC chargers with load balancing) and make our know-how available, we relieve customers and simplify the transition to sustainable mobility. In the sustainable mobility market, we offer charging solutions for electric vehicles with a view to a long-term relationship with our customers.


We believe that companies and individuals play a major and active role in the energy transition with the conscious choice of electric mobility. Thus, we strive for a full electric switch by facilitating it for everyone, in an approachable way, with attention to quality, safety and a long-term relationship with you, the customer.


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"We think primarily Belgian. We think that is important, as we are working on what is after all vital infrastructure for our electricity grid and therefore essential for our economy."

- Sander Hereijgers, CEO of Pluginvest



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    Plantin en moretuslei 289
           2140 Antwerp


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Find out how we offset our CO2 emissions for a greener planet!

At Pluginvest, we are dedicated to a more sustainable future and take active steps to minimise our carbon footprint. Find out how we take responsibility by offsetting carbon emissions and create a positive impact on the environment.