CREG rate

The CREG is the Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas in Belgium. The CREG's 2 main tasks are, on the one hand, to monitor transparency and competitiveness on the electricity and natural gas markets. On the other hand, the CREG monitors the state of the market and general energy policy, taking into account consumer interests. The CREG's rate setting is therefore a guide for CPOs and MSPs in Belgium.

Current Pluginvest CREG-rate* (july 2024):
€ 0,28/kWh ex. BTW

CREG rates from the past few months at Pluginvest:

Month Price
June 2024 € 0.29/kWh
May 2024 € 0.29/kWh
April 2024 € 0,31 /kWh
¨March 2024 € 0.33/kWh
February 2024 € 0.33/kWh
January 2024 € 0.33/kWh
Derived from: 
All prices do not include VAT. If you are a private customer, VAT of 6% applies.


Will your employer reimburse the charging costs of yourat-home charging station? Then the rate at which the reimbursement of the charging costs incurred (= energy consumed by your charging station) will be determined by your employer. If your employer has opted for the reimbursement rate to be based on the Pluginvest CREG rate, the following situation applies to you.

If you expect the reimbursement of charging costs from, say, August 2023, the amount reimbursed will be calculated based on the Pluginvest CREG rate. The reimbursement for August 2023 will then be at €0.32/kWh. The actual reimbursement of the charging costs occurs on average 30 days after the end of the month for which you expect the reimbursement.

Click here for the handy energy consumption reimbursement chart.

*At Pluginvest, the rate for energy cost refunds (called " Pluginvest CREG rate " ) is based by default on the average CREG rate.

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