Belgium installed an additional 13,000 public charging points in 2022

For the EV industry, 2022 was an absolute peak year. The popularity of electric (company) cars is experiencing a true explosion with strong sales figures as a result. According to EV-Belgium , one possible reason for this could be the huge increase in public charging stations in 2022. As many as 13,000 public and semi-public charging stations were installed across our country last year. In terms of charging infrastructure, this means that Belgium is ahead of schedule! 

Growth spurt of public charging stations

The addition of 13,000 new public charging stations last year brings the total number of public charging stations to more than 27,000. Of these, about 1,000 are high-power fast DC chargers. At this stage of the transition to eMobility, EV-Belgium says this appears to be sufficient by European standards. It states that at least 1 AC charger should be counted for every 10 electric cars and 1 DC charger should be provided for every 80 electric cars. President of EV-Belgium, Jochen De Smet, also believes that this trend will intensify by 2023. "The willingness to invest, the number of current orders and the various plans, indicate that the number of places where a user will be able to charge will also increase significantly in 2023." said the president of EV-Belgium. 

One notable observation is that Wallonia lags somewhat behind Flanders and Brussels when it comes to charging infrastructure. A lack of a concrete, future-oriented policy is at the root of this, according to Jochen De Smet. For example, there are about 21,000 charging points in Flanders versus only 3,300 in Wallonia. This means that there are about as many charging points across Wallonia as there are in Brussels alone (2,800 charging points). So there’s something to be said about the national coverage of charging points. 

Sales of electric cars

So the growth of public charging stations and, of course, the obligation to make the fleet greener has dramatically increased sales of electric cars. According to De Tijd , at least 60% of new company cars registered in 2022 were electric vehicles. That 60% is part of as many as 124,000 new EVs on the road. Even more remarkably, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are gaining better popularity compared to Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) and regular Hybrids (HEV).  

These figures show that Belgians and Belgian companies are no longer waiting with the transition to eMobility and have already started working on it, with an eye on the 'big switch' in 2026. On to a sustainable future!  

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