Does an electric car need gears?

Electric cars have been gaining ground in recent years, and one of the striking features that distinguishes them from diesel or petrol vehicles is the lack of gears.

Why don't electric cars have gears?

One of the main reasons electric cars do not need gears has to do with the way the drive train works. In a car with an internal combustion engine, gears are used to adjust the gear ratio between the engine and the wheels. This is necessary because the engine has a limited speed range in which it can operate efficiently, and the gearbox ensures that the engine is always running within that optimum range, regardless of the driving speed.

How does the engine of an electric car work?

 In an electric car, propulsion works differently. Electric motors have a much wider rev range in which they can operate efficiently compared to internal combustion engines. They can deliver high torque right from the start, allowing them to accelerate quickly without acceleration.


What are the advantages of a car without gears?

  • Efficiency and performance are better

  • Reduced maintenance and costs

  • Higher speed

First of all, it makes the driveline simpler and lighter, improving efficiency and performance. There are no interruptions when shifting between gears, making the driving experience smoother. Moreover, an electric drive requires less maintenance, as there are no wearing clutches and gearboxes that need regular replacement or repair. An electric drive also has fewer parts, making replacement a lot faster and cheaper.

In addition, electric motors offer the advantage of being able to run at many more different speeds than ordinary internal combustion engines. They deliver their maximum torque at zero revolutions per minute (RPM) and can deliver their best performance over a wide range of speeds. In fact, the maximum speed of an electric car is often not even limited by the lack of gears, but rather by electronic limitations and the energy content of the battery.

Do electric cars with multiple gears exist?

Yes, while most electric cars can function perfectly well with just one gear, there are a few exceptions. Some electric vehicles can have multiple gears to further improve performance or efficiency. These cars use a transmission to better transmit the power of the electric motor. An example of this is the Porsche Taycan. The advantage of a simple powertrain and less maintenance always remains paramount, even in cases where multiple gears are present.

So the lack of gears in electric cars is usually a conscious design choice made because of the many advantages of electric motors. It allows for greater simplicity, improved performance, efficiency and a better driving experience. 

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