Flanders launches subsidies for innovative charging systems

Flemish minister Lydia Peeters and the Department of Mobility and Public Works are launching an exciting project for innovators and pioneers in the field of charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs). With a budget of no less than 2 million euros, a call is being launched for innovative charging systems that can contribute to the growth of sustainable mobility in Flanders.

What exactly is this project ?

At the heart of this call is the available budget of €2 million. This budget is co-financed by the Flemish Climate Fund and provides a crucial financial boost for electric mobility projects. The good news for potential applicants is that expenses for these projects are reimbursed up to 40%, with a maximum grant of €300,000 per project. This means there is room for both small- and large-scale initiatives.

Five important themes 

The project focuses on  five specific thematic areas:

  • Mobile charging systems for electric vehicles: Projects that contribute to charging solutions for EVs that are not site-specific.

  • Charging systems within Energy Management: Innovative charging infrastructure powered by locally generated renewable energy.

  • Shared charging systems for various EV drivers; Sharing charging points between different electric vehicle users without public access

  • Publicly accessible charging systems in hard-to-reach locations: Charging infrastructure initiatives in locations where traditional charging points are not feasible.

  • Management of charging posts for shared electric vehicles on public domain: Efficient management of charging infrastructure for shared electric vehicles.

Requirements to receive the grant

For those interested, it is essential to know the following:

  • Project duration: Selected projects have a maximum duration of 2 years from the time of selection.

  • Research: Project leaders should agree to participate in a survey on the use of the charging systems by 2026 at the latest.    

Eligible costs

There are two categories of costs eligible for the grants

  • Project operation and substantiation costs: this includes costs directly related to the implementation and development of the project.
  • Investment costs: These costs represent investments clearly related to the charging systems, including development, installation, connection and smart control.

This call offers a great opportunity for pioneers in electric mobility. With a substantial budget and a focus on innovation, your project can have a significant impact on the future of sustainable transport in Flanders. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a cleaner and greener future. For more information and to submit a proposal, please refer to the official project website:click here 👈



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