Giant fire blanket as solution to burning EVs in car parks?

Huge fire blanket: Crucial aid for burning EVs? 

Electric cars very rarely catch fire, experience tells us. But if one does exceptionally catch fire, putting it out is a bit more difficult than the traditional fuel car. This is because an EV's batteries remain smouldering for up to 24 hours afterwards. Currently, a standard practice is to submerge the burning or smouldering electric car in a water-filled container for 24h until the battery is completely extinguished. Until now (possibly)!

A few companies have taken matters into their own hands and started looking for a solution to EV fires that are difficult to put out. One of these companies is called Bridgehill. The Dutch company has developed a gigantic fire blanket that can neutralise a burning EV in no time. Consequently, the temperature of the EV goes from 1,000 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes. Watch how it’s done in this video .

One of these types of fire blankets measures 6 metres by 8 metres and has the weight of about 26 kilograms. It can be used by anyone without prior knowledge, although we recommend leaving this to the emergency services, and also works fine on fuel cars. It does not use chemicals like certain sprinkler systems or a fire extinguisher, for example. 

How does it work?

    1. Preparations

Place the fire blanket on the ground in front or behind the vehicle with enough distance from the vehicle so that you can roll out the fire blanket completely.

    2. Covering the vehicle

You need at least two people to do this. Grab one handle of the fire blanket each and drag the fire blanket across the car in one smooth motion in a safe manner.

    3. “Extinguishing the vehicle

Once the fire blanket completely covers the electric vehicle, pull the blanket to the ground, as far as possible. This way, you ensure that as little oxygen as possible can reach the fire.  Wait at least 20 minutes before removing the blanket or moving the vehicle (For extinguishing EVs, we recommend waiting a while longer to make sure the temperature of the fire has dropped sufficiently).  

    4. Ready for relocation

When enough time has passed, the fire should have dropped to a lower temperature making it safe to transport the car out of the car park to a safe place. Here, the fire services can carry out their work peacefully to ensure that the car can be handled in a controlled and safe manner. 

Where can I get a fire blanket for EVs? 

There are several companies offering such fire blankets. As mentioned, the Dutch company  Bridgehill offers this. There are also international companies from the UK and the US, such as Fire Cloak and Fire Isolator. Prices vary widely, ranging from €1,000 to more than €3,000. 

Solution to EV fires in underground car parks? 

The key question, of course, is whether this will solve the fear of EV fires in underground or indoor car parks. Fire brigades around the world will be eager to see these kinds of developments because such fire blankets can reduce the risk of flames spreading to the building. It gives them enough time to safely drag the burning car out of the garage or parking lot so that they can do what is necessary to extinguish the fire completely in a safe place. 

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