How do technical inspections of electric cars work?

The technical inspection is an important part of the maintenance of any car, including electric cars. In this article we will discuss the most frequently asked questions regarding the inspection of your electric car.

How often should a new electric car undergo a technical inspection?

For new electric vehicles, the first technical inspection is only required after 4 years.Afterwards, it has to be inspected every year, just like petrol or diesel cars.

What are the costs for the technical inspection of an electric car?

The cost of the technical inspections is similar to that of a petrol or diesel car. In most cases, the cost is  38,20 euro for a passenger car.

What is checked during the technical inspection of an electric car?  

During the technical inspection of an electric car, the same aspects are checked as for a petrol or diesel car. This includes brakes, lighting, suspension, and other essential parts. Emissions tests are not carried out as electric cars do not have an internal combustion engine.

Does an electric car need any maintenance before the inspection?  

It is smart to schedule maintenance at a garage for your electric car before the technical inspection as well. In general, maintenance costs for electric vehicles are on average 30% cheaper than those for traditional vehicles. 

Do pre-owned electric cars also have to undergo a technical inspection?  

Yes, before a used electric car is registered in the new owner's name, a technical inspection must be scheduled. The requirements for the inspection are similar to those for traditional cars.

What about the inspection of charging stations for electric cars?

When installing a home charging station, a one-time inspection is mandatory. This inspection must be repeated every 25 years. For charge post installations on company premises, an inspection is required every 5 years. During these inspections, the entire electricity network is checked.

The technical inspection for electric cars is not much different from that for petrol or diesel cars. The main difference is that electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs and no emissions test is required. It is also important that charging stations are inspected to keep the safety and reliability of the charging process.

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