How to clean a charging station safely? (7 tips)

Cleaning your charging station is an important step in maintaining the efficiency and safety of not only your charging station but also your electric car. We dive deeper into the subject and share some handy tips for keeping your charging station clean.

Tip 1: Unplug your EV


Before you start cleaning your charging station, make sure your electric car is disconnected from the charging station and switch it off. Make sure there is no more power passing through the charging station. Safety always comes first!

Tip 2: Dust off the charging station

Use a soft microfibre cloth to dust the charging station. Avoid using abrasive materials that may scratch the surface.

Tip 3: Don't use water

A charging station is waterproof and can withstand heavy rain. But this is not ideal, so don't throw a full bucket of water over your charging station! You can, however, wipe the charging station with a damp cloth if necessary. Don't use a pressure washer either, this can destroy the station!

Tip 4: Compressed air for difficult to reach places

If dust or dirt gets stuck in the charging ports, you can use compressed air to gently blow this away. Keep the canister upright to prevent moisture from escaping.

Tip 5: Household alcohol

Dampen a cloth with  household alcohol  or isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the surface of your charging station. This will help with disinfection and remove stubborn dirt (e.g. stickers).

Tip 6: Let the charging station dry completely 

After cleaning, let the charging station air dry completely before connecting your EV.

Tip 7: Cable management

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Keep your charging cables well organised to avoid tangling. If there are folds in the cable, it can affect its performance. For example, you can hang your charging cable away with a suspension bracket.

Remember that a clean charging station not only keeps your device in good condition, but also ensures a safe environment for charging. Regular maintenance extends the life of your charging station and ensures a smooth charging experience.


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