Pluginvest and Payflip team up to unburden companies in the transition to eMobility.

The EV-charging specialist and digital payroll management partner join forces to help SMEs in the mobility revolution.

Antwerp, 10 May 2023 – Charging station specialist Pluginvest and digital partner for flexible remuneration policies for SMEs Payflip have announced a new partnership. Together, they aim to further unburden companies in the transition to electric mobility.

Payflip aims to give companies a boost by proposing salary optimisations and doing so using a customised flexible remuneration policy (a so-called 'cafeteria plan'). They believe this will allow companies to motivate their employees even better and to increase their loyalty to the company. Together with Pluginvest, Payflip now wishes to offer charging infrastructure in combination with an electric vehicle via a cafeteria plan or mobility budget.

Pluginvest has been unburdening companies, governments and private persons in the transition to electric mobility by offering tailor-made charging solutions since 2016. These solutions include both the installation of charging infrastructure and additional services such as online monitoring, split billing, public charging passes and much more. However, the EV-charging specialist is always looking for innovative solutions and partnerships that make life even easier for businesses. In this, it sees a perfect partnership with Payflip.

So Payflip and Pluginvest are now joining forces by shaping a joint offering in which charging infrastructure and services are presented thanks to Payflip's flexible remuneration plan software.

"We are convinced that this new partnership will simplify the transition to electric mobility for SMEs," says Yannick Decruynaere, Partnership Manager at Pluginvest.

Get in touch with Pluginvest:

+32 3 376 85 80

Get in touch with Payflip: 

+32 477 73 30 05

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