Pluginvest and TraXall simplify fleet management of electric vehicles

The introduction of the new taxation for company cars from 2026 caused a shockwave throughout the business world. Companies were suddenly faced with a push towards electric commercial vehicles, which in itself raised a lot of questions. Charging station company Pluginvest and fleet and mobility company TraXall are now announcing a partnership to simplify fleet management for companies looking to deploy electric commercial vehicles.

TraXall  is known for its innovative and advanced fleet management solutions. Thus, TraXall has built an excellent reputation in the B2B sector. As an independent party, TraXall manages corporate fleets and simplifies and optimises processes through efficient tools and systems. It also helps companies make strategic choices through consultancy. 

With the increasing demand for electric commercial vehicles, Pluginvest and TraXall are finding each other in a strong partnership to facilitate fleet electrification. Expert advice both on mobility solutions and charging infrastructure are needed for companies to make the right choices.

"Informing and guiding companies in the transition to sustainable mobility is key."

Yannick Decruynaere • Partnership Manager at Pluginvest

"Informing and guiding companies in the transition to sustainable mobility is key," says Yannick Decruynaere, Partnership Manager at Pluginvest. "By combining the expertise in fleet management services and charging solutions, we believe in a strong synergy between TraXall and Pluginvest that can offer companies real unburdening."

Established in 2016, Pluginvest unburdens companies, governments and individuals in the great transition to electric mobility by offering tailor-made charging solutions. These solutions include both the installation and management of charging infrastructure and all kinds of associated services such as online monitoring, split billing, public charging passes, maintenance services and much more.

In advance, both companies optimised all processes and laid down clear agreements to further lower the threshold of switching to an electric fleet for customers and make the start-up efficient. With this partnership, Pluginvest and TraXall together seek to further facilitate the transition to e-mobility in Belgium.

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