SOS breakdown with your electric car: solutions + tips

Electric cars are very reliable, but like traditional cars, breakdowns can happen on the road. It is important to be prepared for problems. In this article, we share valuable tips to solve and prevent electric car breakdowns.

Can an electric car be towed?

Yes, an electric car can be hoisted but this is done with a special tow truck. Electric cars have a completely different composition compared to traditional cars. They use an electric motor and a complex system of batteries and electronics. Towing an electric car with a normal tow truck can cause serious damage to these sensitive components, because they are not designed to function during towing.  An electric car does not have a neutral "N" function, like a diesel or petrol car, so the wheels work like a dynamo of a bicycle. You cannot put an EV on the ground with 4 or 2 wheels and drag it further because this can cause serious damage to the car battery. What is possible is to use a special tow truck with a crane, which lifts the EV and takes it with you. The EV tires will then not come into contact with the ground.

Model S on a flatbed truck.

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If you have EV problems on the way, it is best to tell the towing service in advance that you are driving an EV so that they use a tow truck with a crane to lift the EV and thus to the garage bring. This way you avoid extra problems and duplication.

Some electric cars have a 'hoist mode' of 'transport mode'.This mode can be used if the EV has to roll freely to pull it on the platform of a hoist vehicle, for example. Brands like Tesla and Volvo have this function present in their EV models.
CAUTION: If you turn on this mode, it doesn't mean you can tow your EV with the wheels on the ground! 

Touring invests in special vehicles

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Touring has been investing in a special vehicle for several years that they call "booster" . This car is specially equipped to charge electric cars that have an empty battery. Keep in mind that Touring will not charge your battery up to 100. Usually you get just enough battery to drive to a charging station nearby. You can count on one kilometer range per one minute of loading time. This solution is therefore mainly for people who are almost at their destination and only have to drive 5-20 kilometers.

How do I prevent breakdowns with my electric car?

Keep a close eye on your battery

An important element for preventing breakdowns with an electric car is to maintain good battery charge status. Make sure you regularly charge your car and use charging stations on the go if necessary. Monitoring the battery status and planning your route with loading options can help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be prepared with an emergency kit

Having a well-equipped emergency kit can be invaluable in roadside breakdown. Make sure you have a set of tools, a portable charger, a warning triangle and a reflective vest with you. In winter it is best to keep a blanket in your car, because sometimes you will have to wait outside for the towing services. In addition, it is useful to have a list of charging stations and towing services at hand just in case.   Nowadays you can easily navigate to a charging station using  Waze and Google Maps     

Contact the appropriate emergency service

If you do break down, know what services to call. Call emergency services, 112 , if you are on the highway or you are in a dangerous situation. If not, call your insurance company's towing service to get the assistance you need. There are also emergency services that are available 24/7 even if you are not a customer. Consider Touring or VAB, for example. Make sure you always have the correct insurance information on hand so you can be assisted quickly and efficiently. Also let the service know that you have an electric car, so they can help you better.

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