The future of fleet management is sustainable.

The future of fleet management is sustainable.

The role of fleet managers is changing, just as their fleet does. Now that the EU has approved the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive),companies have a responsibility to report and contribute to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fleet managers play a crucial role in this. 

Fleet managers have the skills and expertise to help manage these fields. They are therefore ambassadors for the sustainability of their company. However, there are challenges associated with this new role, such as balancing sustainability goals and cost considerations and navigating through complex regulatory requirements. Fleet managers who meet these challenges and become sustainability managers can gain significant benefits for their companies.

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Fleet electrification

An effective way to make a company's fleet more sustainable is by making the transition  to electric cars. Electrification of the fleet not only has a positive impact on the company's emissions, but also brings with it a lot of fiscal advantages. For example, you can get tax benefits from the Belgian government, you can get a tax exemption for road taxes and the purchase costs are deducted from the taxable profit of the company. 

In addition, electric cars also require less maintenance than traditional vehicles, as they do not require oil or discharge maintenance, among other things. This can lead to significant long-term savings for the company. In addition, companies can also benefit from lower fuel costs, as electric cars are generally cheaper to charge than to use petrol or diesel. 

Making the switch for companies and fleet managers is not always easy. 

As a specialized company in loading solutions, Pluginvest offers comprehensive support when moving to a fully electric fleet. This includes everything from advising on the best loading infrastructure to meet your business needs and mobility budget, to providing and installing the loading poles and the ability to monitor loading. After installation of the loading infrastructure, the after-sales service is very important to us, given that Pluginvest is committed to the long-term relationship. 

Pluginvest understands that every company has its own needs and wishes, and that's why we offer tailor-made solutions that are special to your business. Contact us for free and without obligation here.

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