What cabling should I provide for my charging station?

Are you undertaking a renovation or new build and want to be prepared for the future? Then we recommend providing the necessary cabling to your garage or car park now. This will avoid having to grind or dig again in the future. This also facilitates the installation of a charging post or charging station later on, saving you costs.

The important thing here is to provide the right cable(s). After all, the thickness of the cable determines the maximum capacity of the charging post or wall box you can later connect and thus the speed at which you can charge your car. With rapidly falling battery prices, larger and larger batteries are being provided in new models to increase the driving range.

Pluginvest therefore recommends providing sufficiently thick cabling so that this is not a limiting factor when choosing your charging station or car in the future. For private individuals, we apply a maximum charging capacity of 22 kW (three-phase). For this, a three-phase cable (of 5 wires for L1/L2/L3/N/PE) with a wire section of 6 mm² is sufficient. For long distances (>40 m) between your charging station and the fuse box, it is advisable to contact a specialist to calculate the wire section.

Contact us to get free advice about the cabling for your charge point.


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