Eve Double Pro Line

The EVE Double Pro-line is a Smart charging solution that offers 2 charging points and is suitable for professional use, home-use and also for placement at semi-public locations.

The EVE Double Pro-line is a Smart charging device with two charging points that is suitable for all types of use. In 2017, this charging station was completely redesigned to keep up with the ever-changing charging technologies and the wishes of EV-drivers. With its large display, improved user interface and highly reliable hardware platform, the EVE Double Pro-line is very user-friendly and also offers advanced features for Smart charging. The EVE Double Pro-line is Alfen’s true flagship for Smart solutions for semi-public locations, like businesses and supermarkets. 

The robust housing is designed for intensive use and frequent rotation of users. It can be mounted to the wall or onto a column. The device offers 2 charging points that can both be equipped with load balancing (optional). The user interface has a 3,5” digital screen that provides a unique branding opportunity for your company, as you are able to upload your company logo to the charging station. An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and a MID meter allows for individual billing. You’re free to choose any third-party management system* with which you can consult your charging data via an internet connection via GPRS or ethernet. 

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Built to last

This Alfen product is highly reliable, safe and robust. Like all Alfen products, they are produced in The Netherlands and are solely made of A-quality components. These charging stations also go through rigorous testing and are independently certified. The Alfen solutions are also under standard warranty and you may want to choose to broaden your possibilities with various service packages within an SLA.

Advanced Smart functions

The device offers leading Smart functions. It supports multiple user profiles, price hierarchies and individual billing of the financial transactions. The charging station can also communicate with and react to other Smart technologies and solutions with shared standards and open protocols.

Designed to integrate

The EVE Single Pro-line, as well as all other Alfen models, are designed for optimisation of your local electrical network and maximisation of your charging speeds, while safeguarding your electrical network. They can perfectly integrate and collaborate with renewable energy sources, energy storage and flexible energy rates. 

Flexible management system

The EVE Double Pro-line can be used with Alfen’s own management system, but also with any other system that implements OCPP. This allows the system to record the energy consumption, transaction history and diagnostic data of the charging station. Even system upgrades of the device can be done from distance. 

A Smart and elegant charging station for your company’s parking lot or for home-use.

The EVE Double Pro-line is suitable for large parking lots. With its Smart functions and robust design, the EVE Double Pro-line offers a durable and versatile charging solution.

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Technical specifications

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Amount of charging points: 2

Single or double power line

Durable and representative design

Dimensions: 590 x 338 x 230 mm 

Safety & Quality

Strain relief

Waterproofing: Class IP54

Anti corrosion treatment and powder coating 

Electronic and safety protection

Warranty: 1 year

Perfectly suited for public use


Network connection: GSM/GPRS Modem

Access through charge badge

Service from distance via GSM/GPRS communication module

DC Output

Nominale input value: 3 x 32A

Maximum output power: 3,7kW - 22kW

Charging power per charging point

3.7kW (16A, 230V), 7.4kW (32A, 230V) 11kW (16A, 400V), 22kW (32A, 400V) 

Standards & guidelines

IEC 61851-1 / -22 (2017) 


Plug&Charge, RFID-reader


Front cover: RAL9016 (Traffic white)

Rear cover: RAL7043 (Traffic grey)

kWh meter

MID certified, suitable for individual billing


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