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Zaptec Pro

The Zaptec is a Smart and efficient charging station for large company, development project and residential parking lots. With its unique dynamic phase balancing, this device is perfect for installation at limited network capacity.

The Zaptec Pro is a smart and efficient charging device for large parking lots of residences, companies or new construction projects, among others. It is the smartest and most flexible charging device on the market today. The charging device is available with a stronger housing and a self-closing cover. It uses flawless 4G communication between charging stations at any time of the day.

Possibility to expand

When you install Zaptec, infrastructure is put in place for all parking spaces. If charging demand increases, you can quickly and easily scale up the existing infrastructure without heavy effort or investment.

Always online with a stronger connection

Thanks to the 4G network, the installation cost reduces as there is no longer a need for other network solutions. Moreover, the device supports Plug & Charge (ISO15118), which means that electric vehicles will be able to communicate directly with the charging station in the future. This makes the system truly future-proof.

Discover all advantages

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Use all of the available network capacity

The available power is dynamically distributed to all the charging stations and between phases. Zaptec always executes the load and phase balancing. The charging station dynamically switches between single phase and three-phase charging to obtain the best possible charging experience. 

Highest security standards

With this charging station you can rest assured that you can safely charge one or more electric vehicles. This is due to the certified Type 2 connectors, integrated fuses and its built-in residual flow safety.

Intelligent and future-proof

The charging device also supports Plug & Charge (ISO15118), State-of-Charge and other cutting-edge technology that make it possible for us to lift the charging experience to the highest level. Use of advanced tech, built-in software and Cloud solutions for the configuration and monitoring of the device mean that this charging station is truly future-proof. 

Dividing the costs fairly

A built-in energy meter indicates the consumption meticulously. This enables the device to assign the energy consumption to the individual users or to the individual charging stations. You may choose to make use of our optional Online Platform or one of our other optional services regarding billing, management and support.

A smart, elegant and compact charging network for residential or commercial car park.  

Prepare your parking lot to be future-proof with these cutting-edge and elegant charging stations. With our EV-Parking solution it’s perfectly possible to expand your charging network easily and at a beneficial rate in the future. 

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