EV-review: Lynk&Co 01

Lynk&Co 01

Lynk&Co S a relatively new car brand founded in 2016 by Geely, a Chinese car manufacturer. The brand was founded with the aim of providing a new approach to mobility, focusing on car sharing and technology integration.

The first model of the brand is the Lynk&Co 01, a compact SUV introduced in 2017. The car's design is modern and sleek, with sharp lines and a distinctive look. You can choose between a plug-in hybrid or fully electric motor.

The Lynk&Co 01 is a very pleasant car to ride with: Smooth, powerful and comfortable. From seat heating and a panoramic sunroof, to the most advanced safety features.

Yannick Decruynaere • Partnership Manager at Pluginvest

Impressive features 

One of the more impressive features of the Lynk&Co 01 is the connectivity of the car. The vehicle is equipped with the Lynk&Co Connect system, which allows remote control of the vehicle via an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle, control the air conditioning and view the vehicle's location.

Another unique feature of Lynk&Co is the subscriptions they offer. Instead of buying a car, you can subscribe to a Lynk&Co car. The subscription includes not only the car itself, but also insurance, maintenance and repairs, as well as access to a range of services such as car parts and booking of hotels and restaurants. 

Importants specifications 

  • 69 km range

  • 261 HP

  • 1,2l/100 km usage

  • from 0 to 100 km/u in 8 sec

  • fully charged in 2.5 hours

  • European standard connection type 2

Praising feedback

Our Partnership Manager, Yannick, has been given the opportunity to drive around with the Lynk&Co 01 Plug-in Hybrid. He already has some positive feedback: 

"De Lynk&Co 01 is een bijzonder aangename wagen om mee te rijden: soepel, krachtig en comfortabel. Het is een praktische wagen die uitgerust is met alle mogelijke opties. Een full-option wagen die ook nog eens heel praktisch is, want de wagen biedt een riante binnenruimte voor bestuurder en passagiers en heeft een heel behoorlijke koffer.  

Los van het comfort en de ruimte van de wagen, ben ik vooral heel positief verrast over het elektrisch rijbereik. Met een netto-accucapaciteit van 14.1 kWh haalt de Lynk&Co 01 makkelijk 69 km rijbereik.

Bovendien ben je dankzij deze mooie en opvallende verschijning nooit een grijze muis in het verkeer. En dat is ook leuk mee genomen." - Yannick, Partnership Manager

In short, the Lynk&Co 01 is an impressive car with advanced connectivity and performance, while the subscription model offers a flexible and convenient way to access a car. 


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