Fastned increases its charging fees by 10%

Increased charging rates at Fastned  

Fastned has announced that, due to rising energy prices, they are forced to increase their charging rates. The company, which produces the well-known fast chargers, already implemented such a price increase in November of last year. But now they are forced to raise their charging rates once more and they cannot promise that this will be the last time, given the current unstable climate.

How much will I pay at Fastned now?

In Belgium this increase in charging rates means that instead of € 0.69 per kWh, you will now pay € 0.75 per kWh at the Fastned rapid chargers. This amounts to an increase of 9%. These charging rates apply to users of a Pluginvest charge card. If you have a Gold Membership at Fastned, you will now pay € 0.50 per kWh instead of € 0.45 per kWh. This increase amounts to no less than 11%. 

Charging rates are also raised in other countries. It is therefore always advisable to check the charging rates in advance, before hooking up your EV to a fast charger. 


BeforeNow (08/2022)
Standard rates (for the Pluginvest charge card)
€ 0,68 / kWh€ 0,75 / kWh
Gold Membership (does not apply to the Pluginvest charging card) € 0,45 / kWh€ 0,50 / kWh