Fastned lowers its charging rates by 13% in some countries

Fastned lowers its rates     

Fastned announced yesterday that it will be lowering its charging rates in certain countries. As ever, they review their rates on a monthly basis and update them where necessary. They say updating these rates is necessary too, given the volatility and unpredictability of the energy market right now. But sometimes this can also have a positive effect, as is the case now.  

Rate change

As of 12pm on Thursday, 26 January, rates at Fastned were reduced from €0.83 to €0.72 per kWh (including VAT). That's a drop of almost 13.3%. A good thing for customers who own a Pluginvest charge card , among others, and want to use it to charge at a Fastned fast charger.  

In which countries?  

This decrease in rates was only implemented in 3 countries, namely Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. In the other European countries, no adjustments were made to the charging rates of Fastned's public fast chargers. More info on the other countries' rates can be found on Fastned's own website

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