Fastned lowers their rates again

Photo: Fastned

Fastned lowers their rates

The fast-charging company has announced that they are reducing their rates once again.  The last time they did this was in January. The company reviews its prices according to the current energy market. Fastned believes it is important to adjust their prices because the energy market is very unpredictable and volatile. But sometimes this unpredictability has a positive effect!

Change of rate

From March 1st 2023, the charging rate will be reduced from € 0.72 to € 0.69 per kWh (including VAT). A good thing for customers who have a Pluginvest Charge@Public charging card and want to use Fastned to charge their EV,

In which countries?

The reduction of the charge rate has only been implemented in three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. No changes have been made to charging rates in other European countries. 

More information about the new prices can be found on Fastned's website.