Obligation for charging stations in Flemish car parks

Since March 11th 2021, it is mandatory to provide charging points in residential and non-residential buildings in Flanders. These obligations are necessary to meet the European Union climate neutral target. Below is a brief overview of the legal framework.  

For parking lots of residential buildings

  • New-build projects with a parking space of at least two lots are required to provide basic infrastructure for charging points that will allow all parking spaces to have the option of providing a charging station. 

  • Renovatieprojecten met meer dan 10 parkeerplaatsen vallen onder dezelfde regelgeving in de volgende situaties: Het is een ingrijpende renovatie op het parkeerterrein of de elektrische infrastructuur van het gebouw/parkeerterrein wordt gerenoveerd.

  • Existing buildings do not have obligations to provide a charging point. But the future of the automotive industry is electric so it's a smart choice to start thinking about the investment in a charging station at your home. 

A major renovation is -specifically in the context of electromobility -  the renovation of a building or car park, whereby more than 25% of the surface of the building shell undergoes a renovation. 

For parkings lots of non-residential buildings (e.g. office buildings)

  • New-build and renovation projects: at least two charging points must be provided in car parks with a minimum of 10 parking spaces. In addition, at least one in four parkings spaces must also have charging infrastructure for electric cars.

  • Existing non-residential buildings: from the 1th of January 2025, all car parks of at least 20 parking spaces must have a minimum of two charging points for EV's. 

How do I provide my building with the right charging point infrastructure?

Pluginvest is happy to guide you in the transition to an EV-friendly parking space and offers you free, non-binding advice. 

We offer total support in the field of charging solutions that assist you with every step of the switch to electric mobility. At Pluginvest, the installation will always be done by certified fitters, including maintenance and technical support. We also provide an independent inspection of the project, so you can charge your car with peace of mind. This also includes online monitoring, remote management and a variety of other services. 

For questions or personal advice , a colleague is always ready to help you further. You can do so via our advice page. You can also reach us on the number  +32 3 376 85 80 or via our email info@pluginvest.eu Charl Windey and Davy Bries are our experts for charging infrastructure in residential and non-residential car parks.