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Pluginvest aims to deliver the highest quality and the best service to its customers. Therefore, we offer a total solution for EV-charging. We don’t only take care of the installation for you, but also the maintenance and the billing of the energy consumption are aspects that we handle for you. Our enthusiastic team never shies from a challenge and we always adopt a highly personal approach.

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Our services

Total unburdening through a monthly billing of the energy consumption per user or per charging station. 

All our services for tenants, owners or building management are handled by one party.

Availability of a monthly renting formula.

Why install a charging station?

With our EV-Parking solution it’s a straightforward process to prepare your parking lot for the installation of charging stations for 70%. This total concept is therefore flexible and expandable in the future. This only requires a one-time installation and one power line per 25 charging stations. The communication between the charging stations and our billing platform takes place through this one power line, via Wi-Fi or 4G. These charging stations have all the security systems and electronics integrated within them. This massively simplifies the installation process which means you can save up to 25% on installation costs. 

What we could mean to you.

  • Save up to 25% on installation costs

  • Future proof  

  • Prepare your parking lot for electric mobility

    • Charge up to 150km per hour


  • Availability of Smart Charging

  • Safe charging is guaranteed

  • Straightforward expansion of charging stations

A Smart, elegant and compact charging network for residential or commercial parking lots.

Prepare your parking lot to be future-proof with these cutting-edge and elegant charging stations. With our EV-Parking solution it’s perfectly possible to expand your charging network easily and at a beneficial rate in the future. 

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