Obligation to register charging stations with grid operator

Obligation to register all charging stations

If you have a charging station installed at home or at work in Flanders, you have to report this to the network operator Fluvius. You always have to register your charging station on their website via your MyFluvius account, even if your charging station was installed some time ago! This notification obligation, imposed by VREG, applies to both private and (semi-)public charging stations, regardless of where they are installed.


Fluvius themselves say that based on this information, it is easier to make "targeted adjustments to the electricity distribution network". This will also give them further insights on the occupancy rate of charging stations across Flanders and the country and the load on the electricity grid. 

The owner of the distribution network operator's contract, from which the power for the charging station is sourced, is always ultimately responsible for registering the charging station with the network operator in question. 

The obligation to register applies to all types of charging infrastructure, regardless of whether it is publicly opened or only for private use. The place where the charging station is installed also doesn't matter. Officially, the conditions read as follows: All charging points you connect to the low-voltage grid with a charging capacity of 5 kVa or more must be registered.  Even if you had a charge point installed 5 years ago, you still have to report it to the network operator. 

It is important to note that failure to comply could lead to fines. However, there is still a tolerance period until the end of 2023 to give everyone enough time to register their charging station. 

Is this only applicable in Flanders?

No. In the other parts of the country too, this is or will be an obligation in the near future. As there are different network operators across the country, it is important to know which network operator you are connected to so you can register your charging station with the right party. Below, we list the different grid network operators per region for you. 

  • • Flanders: Fluvius

  • • Brussels Capital: Sibelga (At this time, there’s no obligation to register your charging station yet - 17/01/2023)

  • • Wallonia (75% coverage): ORES

  • • Province Liège: Resa

There are also  AIEG, AIESH and REW which are network operators in the other Walloon provinces. In this case, it is best to contact your distribution system operator to discuss the necessary steps directly with them.   

To register your charging station properly on the Fluvius website, you need a few things. 

EAN code of your existing electricity connection 

 Name of your installer (e.g. Pluginvest)

Installation project site details 

Technical specifications of the installation

  •  Company number (if applicable )

Registering your charging station is very easy. Through clear questions, having technical prior knowledge is definitely not a requirement to fill in the form correctly. 

For the other network operators, you need to provide similar information as for Fluvius. 


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