Photo album of the Plug ’n Eat 2022 roadshow

Plug 'n Eat roadshow across Flanders

Pluginvest's Plug 'n Eat breakfast concept toured across Flanders this year to visit as many provinces as possible. By doing so, we wanted to share our expertise and knowledge on charging infrastructure with relevant parties who are currently working on the electrification of their fleet of company cars. Answers to questions such as where to start and what technical aspects to consider were among the topics discussed. In cooperation with TCOFLEET, who covered the concept of TCO and the fiscal-legal framework concerning electric company cars, we went from location to location to clear up as many questions and uncertainties as possible!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this roadshow possible, listing them up for you here:  

BMW Meerschman Aalst

Peugeot Lavrijsen Herentals

Green Energy Park - Zellik

Lexus Gent - CiacFleet

BMW Showroom - Jorssen Zuid Antwerpen

Future events

Looking ahead, we can already reveal that there are plans to also organise the Plug 'n Eat concept around the needs of syndicates, property developers and VMEs. The customer segment we refer to as  'Facility' and thus relevant to residential and non-residential car parks. We are making the necessary preparations to organise such Plug 'n Eats in spring 2023 where we will address key questions about charging infrastructure, such as fire safety in underground car parks, insurance and what our EV-Parking solution can mean for your project or building.

We are also in the process of developing a new eBook on charging infrastructure in these residential and non-residential car parks, similar to the eBook for fleet electrification we’ve recently released, named the  eFleet 2026 guide. Another thing to definitely look forward to!

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