Transparent charging costs with the Pluginvest online platform.

With more electric cars on the road, the need for public charging stations is growing. Yet there are not yet enough legal regulations to ensure that customers always know how much it costs to charge their electric car. Europe wants to change this with a new directive that will more strictly regulate charging stations, with clear rules about the prices they charge.

Unclear charging prices

One of the biggest problems with the current situation is that there are no uniform rates for charging an electric car. That’s what HLN  writes in one of their recent articles.  Prices vary widely from location to location and from provider to provider. In addition, it is often not clear how these rates are calculated and whether additional charges are applied.

This lack of transparency can lead to an unpleasant surprise for the user of public charging stations. Especially when prices can sometimes vary up to 30% depending on the provider. This can lead to dissatisfaction and can reduce people's tendency to use their electric vehicle.

More transparancy with online platform

There are solutions for this problem. People who have a Pluginvest charge@public charge card can use the free app and online platformYou can transparantly check the cost of every individual charging point. This is indicated in €/kWh for each provider of the more than 275,000 public charging points in Europe; so you know exactly how much you pay for your charging session. Also, there are no hidden costs when using the loading card! You pay a fixed monthly price of € 3.75, this ensures more transparency and certainty.

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