Which fiscal legislation apply to electric mobility in 2024?

The new year brings a series of changes in the tax legislation for electric mobility, both for companies and individuals. In this comprehensive article, we look at the main changes to tax legislation in Belgium for charging stations and electric cars.

Taxation for businesses and the self-employed

Electric company vehicles

For 2024, the Belgian government decided to adjust the CO₂- solidarity contribution that employers pay for company cars. These changes are an effort to reduce carbon emissions and encourage green mobility.

From 1 January 2024, the amount of the CO₂ contribution may in no case be lower than €31.99 per month. Since electric cars have no CO₂ emissions, they only pay this minimum amount.

Since 2020, Belgian companies can deduct 100% of the electricity their electric vehicles consume as "fuel". This regulation will also be active in 2024. More info can be foundhere.

From 2024, the minimum amount of BiK (Benefit in Kind) is € 1.600. This amount applies to full-electrics and plug-in hybrids. It is an increase of 3.9% compared to last year.

Charging stations on company premises

The deduction rate for installing a charge point will change to 150% until 31 August 2024. This is valid only with the following conditions:

  • It is a fixed, smart charging station capable of communicating its charging power and status to users.

  • The charging station (semi-) publicly accessible and can be used by third parties.

More info can be found here.


Taxation for individuals

Electric cars (EV)

The Flemish government is giving a €5,000 premium for the purchase of electric vehicles. Both individuals and non-profit organisations will be able to use this premium. The premium will be available from 2024 and will only apply to electric vehicles with a purchase price of less than 40,000 euros (incl. VAT). There are currently around 30 models on the market that fall under that ceiling. And more models under €40,000 will be launched next year.

More info here.

In 2024, electric cars will also be completely exempt from Vehicle Registration Tax (BIV) and road tax in the Flemish region.

In Wallonia and Brussels, you do still pay the minimum BIV and minimum road tax for an electric car.

Charging station at home

If the purchase and installation of your private charging station took place after 1 January 2024 and before 31 August 2024, you are eligible for a 15% tax break, with a maximum  of €1,750 per charge point and per taxpayer. This means that from then on, you can save up to €262.50 on your personal tax per charge point.

More info here.

Note: If you install a charging station at home with a capacity of 5 kW or more, it is necessary to register it with your grid operator.Until 31 December 2023, a tolerance policy was still in place, but significant fines may be imposed in 2024. So don't forget to register your charging station in time!


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