Mercedes EQE SUV 350+: how to charge and specifications

96 kWh
475 km
The Mercedes EQE SUV 350+ is an upper-middle class electric SUV. It has a driving range of 475 km and is available in Belgium and the Netherlands from 91,950 euros.


The battery of the Mercedes EQE SUV has a capacity of 96.0 kWh, This translates into a theoretical driving range of 475 kilometers with a maximum range of 675 kilometers (in the city at mild temperatures).

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Charging pointPowerTime
2.3 kW49h 15m
1-phase 16A3.7 kW30h 45m
3-phase 16A11 kW10h 30m
CCS 50 kW 50 kW85 min
CCS 150 kW150 kW34 min

How can I recharge?

The Mercedes EQE SUV 350+ works with the European standard socket type 2 . For fast charging, a CCS connection is used. Note that charging speeds may vary depending on the charging station and conditions.

        • European standard connection type 2

  • Fast charging with CCS


Suitable charging stations

Alfen Eve Single Pro

The Eve Single Pro-line is a smart charging solution and is optimally suited for private and semi-public locations.

Zaptec Pro

The Zaptec Pro is a smart and efficient charging device for large parking lots of residences, businesses or new construction projects.

Zaptec GO

The solution to conveniently charge your car at home. 

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