Chargepoint app

Our ‘Chargepoint app' gives you access to the European charging network of more than 450,000 charging stations. Download the app now for Apple or Android!

Download de Chargepoint app here:

Or view the current overview of all charging stations   here  in your browser.

Start charging session:

  1. Download the app and log-in with your unique account details.

  2. Add a payment method to your account (i.e. Visa or PayPal).

  3. Click on "Scan QR".

  4. Scan the QR code of the charge point you want to charge with. 

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

 For more info on using the charge card (card or badge), you can always visit our  technical help page .

LMS laadpaal app 

Pluginvest laadpaal app

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