How do I use my charge card?

Just purchased a charging card? Or have you had a charging station installed? Just follow these simple steps to charge at a charge point for the first time! This will give you access to over 275,000 charging stations in Europe through our Roaming Partners

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Starting a charging session.

Charging your EV is easy as 1, 2, 3! It's that simple.

Step 1

Hold the charging card (badge or card) against the RFID card reader of the charging device.

Step 2

Wait for the device to sound a loud and clear beep

Step 3

You may now connect the plug of the charging cable to the car and finally lock the car. 

Ending the charging session.

Disconnecting the car from the charger is just as easy. Follow these simple steps and enjoy a fully charged battery! 

Step 1

Unlock your car.  

Step 2

Hold the charging card (badge or card) against the card reader of the charger.

Step 3

Wait for the device to sound a loud and clear beep

Step 4

You may now disconnect the charging cable from the car, reattach it to the charging station and enjoy lots of electric driving fun! 

Download the poster for charging at a charging station here!