How smart charging stations make charging your electric car easier

Want to know what smart charging stations are and why they make electric driving a lot easier?

In this article, you will find a clear overview of all the possibilities offered by a smart charging station, and some of the models available on the market.

🌐 Always connected to the internet

Smart charging stations have a constant internet connection, similar to your smartphone. Why is this convenient? It allows you to monitor and manage your charging sessions not only locally, but also remotely. You can easily control everything via an  app, website or even your smart home system.

🕜 Real-time monitoring of your charging session 

Smart charging points allow you to monitor every detail of your vehicle's charging process in real time. You can see not only how much your EV (electric vehicle) has already charged, but also the speed at which it is happening. This is not only useful for individual users, but companies can use it to anticipate the needs of their entire fleet.

💵 Reimbursement of the charging session

Using an additional module e.g. Energy package  you can also easily manage charging costs and refunds to employees. You don't have to guess how much each employee consumed during their charging sessions, as the smart charging station does this automatically. You can compare it to a fuel card of the past, where the employer paid the fuel costs. But now with a charging badge and electricity. 

🧠 Smart charging management 

Smart charging infrastructure goes beyond simply providing power. They do it intelligently, using algorithms and different modules.Load balancing ,as it is called, not only prevents overloading the electricity grid, but also optimises the charging time of your electric vehicle. By understanding how much power each vehicle needs and adjusting it dynamically.

Ook houden slimme laadpalen, mits de koppeling van een module, rekening met het capacity rate. This is a calculation of part of the grid cost that takes peak consumption into account. Smart chargers can adjust the charging rate to charge less during peaks, thereby saving costs.

⚒️ Remote troubleshooting

CPOs (Charge Point Operator) like Pluginvest can remotely monitor the status of smart charge points. If a problem is detected, the CPO can quickly diagnose and implement solutions without the need for a technician to be on site. This minimises charging station downtime.

🔋Always up-to-date

Technological developments are happening at lightning speed, making it important to keep your charging infrastructure up-to-date. Smart charging stations make this easy by remotely receiving and applying firmware updates. This not only preserves the safety of the system, but also ensures you have a charging station that is future-proof. No worries about outdated technology; your charging station grows with the times.

Various makes and models

Alfen Eve Single Pro

The Alfen Eve Single Pro-line is a smart charging solution and is optimally suited to private and semi-public locations.

Zaptec Pro

The Zaptec Pro is a smart and efficient charging device for large parking lots of residences, businesses or new constructions.

Zaptec GO

The Zaptec GO is the ideal smart charging solution for daily charging of your electric vehicle (EV), especially for at-home use.  

Feel free to  contact us for more information on a smart charging solution and what best suits your needs. 

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